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August 26, 2020 3 min read

Scatter cushions should enhance and compliment your furniture, not overwhelm it. To accomplish this goal, pay attention to the following elements:

Scatter cushions come in various shapes and sizes. We like to use two different shapes that come in different sizes -  65x65 and 55x55 square cushions, and 90x45 and 70x45 rectangular cushions.

It is important to remember that scatter cushion sizes matter mostly in relation to the size of your furniture. They should always be sized in proportion to the furniture they adorn.

The shape of your scatter cushion will also partially determine how formal or comfortable your decor is. Square and rectangle shapes tend to be more comfortable, while bolster and round shapes tend to be a little more formal.


When it comes to colours, the choices are endless. To make the decision easier, select colours that compliment your furniture or your home’s colour palette. These colours can match closely, or you can even choose contrasting colours to create a more interesting look.


Texture is an important element when styling scatter cushions. Textured fabric adds depth and interest to any living space. To achieve this, combine a variety of textures!

We love to add a faux fur scatter in the winter or a fun whip stitched edge scatter for spring and summer. While texture is slightly less important when working with contrasting colours (as colour create a sense of depth too), it’s essential for a more monochromatic style.


Here’s a winning formula for pattern coordination:

    • Select one floral-type pattern which has more than one colour.
    • Then, select a scatter cushion with a large-scale pattern, stripe or solid in one of those colours (or coordinating colour)
    • Then select a 3rd scatter cushion with a smaller pattern in another colour from the first scatter cushion.

Scatters for your couch or bed are a terrific way to incorporate a pattern you love. Don’t be afraid to go bold and have fun with patterns; just make sure to balance out your bold patterns either with soft patterns or solid colours.

In the below example, you can see how contrasting patterns are used to elevate all of them and make them come together as a cohesive unit.


When choosing an inner, buy scatter cushion inners 5cm larger than the cover to ensure for plump looking scatter cushions. For example, buy a 70x70 inner for a 65x65 scatter cover. You will never have floppy scatters again!

It is important not to skimp on the inner. Just because nobody sees the inners doesn’t mean you can buy the cheapest one. Feather inners are the best way to go to keep up that plump factor. It might be a little bit more costly at first, but will definitely be an investment in the long hall.

View our range of inners and beautiful scatters cushions in our showrooms


Always remember the odd number rule when styling your home. This rule applies to flowers, bookshelves, pictures hanging on a wall, and it definitely applies to scatter cushions as well. Opt for groups of three, five, or even seven scatter cushions if you have a large sectional.

With these elements and the advice of our in-house interior decorator, you can create the perfect scatter cushion combination. Want to make use of our talented interior decorator’s free advice? It’s easy! Follow these steps:

Click here, fill in the online contact form, and we will assist you as soon as possible.


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