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May 27, 2020 2 min read

Winter is upon us and it’s time to lit our fireplaces. During the winter season, the fireplace is the heart of the home and there is nothing more cosy sitting in front of a warm crackling fire. Here are some 5 useful tips to keep in mind when using your fireplace.

1. Protecting your furniture against heat

On those cold winter days, we all want to sit in front of the fireplace. As much as we enjoy sitting near the direct heat, our furniture does not necessarily enjoy it. Thus moving your furniture back from the direct heat will help in protecting your furniture. It is also a good idea to put a screen in front of your fireplace.

2. Cosy atmosphere

There is just something about a fire that brings people together. You don’t necessarily have to start your fireplace to enjoy the heat, you can also start it to create a cosy atmosphere.

3. Use eco-friendly starters

More and more people are getting aware of protecting our environment. You can also do your part by using eco-friendly starters:

  • Dried orange/lemon peel: Not only do they burn longer due to their natural oils, called limonene, but also smell good when you light them.
  • Dried tree bark: Small dried pieces of tree bark catches fire quickly and will maintain embers for a long time.
  • Dry debris: Your backyard is full of dried debris! Use debris like twigs, leaves and moss and make sure that they are dry and clean from any soil.
  • Pine cones: Keep a basket full of pine cones next to your fireplace. They are not only great for starting fires, but they will also look pretty! Remember that pine cones must be totally dried out before using them. Additionally, you can also use dried pine needles as a starter.

4. Fireplace ash

Don’t let ashes build up in your fireplace. You can leave a small layer of ash during the burning season – this will protect the bottom of your fireplace and insulate coals. Let the ashes cool completely before removing it and remember to fully clean your fireplace after the cold season as ash is acidic and draws moisture.

5. Recycle fireplace ash

Instead of throwing out ashes into a garbage bag, throw it in your garden or compost heap. Ash contains lime, potassium and many other trace elements that can make your plants thrive. Remember to only use ashes from wood in your garden. And finally, gather around your family and friends and enjoy your eco-friendly fire!