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Midnight Garden Wall Art Set of 2 in Mono

Give your home the gallery treatment with HAUS wall art, a framed, canvas-printed collection of premium artwork that will draw the eye and refocus a room. Generously proportioned and modestly priced, the collection showcases diverse designs, from striking botanical portraiture to edgy modern renderings, abstract pastel designs and monochromatic art piece sets. Use these expertly curated pieces to enhance a room’s colour palette, bring life to a featureless area, introduce movement or a sense of stillness, or simply as a final flourish.

    • Finish: N/A
    • Material: Printed canvas with Black PS frame
    • Origin: South Africa
    • 100 x 140 x 4cm each
  • If products are not available in stock, lead time of products may take up to 8 weeks.